Studio Budapest

Curators: Pneuma Szöv.
Management: KÖME Association of Cultural Heritage Managers

Pneuma Szöv. is a Budapest based artist collective, operating since 2008, building and working together with a heterogeneous network of collaborators including but not limited to activists, cultural and social workers & scientists, and members of local communities from all layers of society.
Pneuma Szöv. works with an eclectic range of media formats, such as 3D radio performances, television shows chalked on asphalt, wandering Street Channel and political campaign with a squirrel mayor candidate (Mókus Maxi) with the aim of finding unusual performative channels to reach their audiences through creating a playful use of public sphere. Their postdramatic performances meld artistic research, social philosophy and urban studies with various forms of visual art, community and public art, free pedagogy concepts, activism and low-threshold social therapy.


The independent social organization of the Association of Cultural Heritage Managers (KÖME) was founded in 2012 by professionals working in different parts of Hungary.
It is important for us to maintain a platform which helps the experts of various domains – engaged in the research, preservation, social utilization, protection and distribution of the broadly defined cultural heritage – to get information, find partners, change ideas, further develop their skills and pursue certain activities appropriate to our objectives.