Sarah de Günther

#artistic director and inventor of TV Free Europe

Sarah is born in Dresden, GDR, 1983. She is a Budapest-based performance artist and -thinker. She creates experimental theatre as a common space, using art to play around borders and break through the constraints of living conditions, preparing ourselves for a potential different society to come.
Sarah’s trans-disciplinary practice builds up on her Diploma in “Drama, Theatre, Media” at the Institute of Applied Theatre Studies (Gießen, 2011) under Heiner Goebbels, Bojana Kunst or Rabih Mroué, as well as on her Studies of Romanistik, Sociology and Psychology (Heidelberg). 2007/08, she attended the directing class of the SZFE Budapest and has also some education in Dramapedagogy. She co-founded the Budapest artists coop. Pneuma Szöv. in 2008, where she has mostly worked as an artistic director, researcher and performer ever since. Her project „20-Forint-Operetta“ won the first prize of „ 2012″. Their works like “Air Factory”, “EXIT POLLoska” or “Paplament” were shown at OFF-Biennale Budapest, Wiener Festwochen or Kampnagel Theatre Hamburg. She is co-founder of the performance collective Mobile Albania, dealing with translocal forms of organization beyond the space-time-logic of capitalism. Between 2007 and 2010 she performed for the Berlin collective andcompany&Co with shows e.g. in HAU Berlin or Tmuna Theatre Tel Aviv. Currently she is on tour with the all-female show “Queendom” (premiered in MU-Theater) and dealing with questions of freedom as part of the multimedia duo “Marie&Mari” (e.g. ROM Festival Budapest, Tårnby Torv Festival). Besides she works as a journalist, writer, translator and a free pedagogue in institutions and free contexts.