Sarah de Günther

#artistic director and inventor of TV Free Europe

Sarah is born in Dresden, GDR, 1983. She is a Berlin-based performance artist and -thinker. She creates experimental theatre as a common space, using art to play around borders and break through the constraints of living conditions, preparing ourselves for a potential different society to come.
Sarah’s trans-disciplinary practice builds up on her Diploma in “Drama, Theatre, Media” at the Institute of Applied Theatre Studies (J-L. Universität Gießen, 2011) under Heiner Goebbels, Bojana Kunst or Rabih Mroué, as well as on her Studies of Romanistik, Sociology and Psychology (Heidelberg). 2007/08, she attended the directing class of the SZFE Budapest as a guest student and has also obtained a certification in Dramapedagogy. She co-founded the Budapest artists coop. Pneuma Szöv. in 2008, where she has mostly worked as an artistic director, researcher and performer ever since. Her project „20-Forint-Operetta“ won the first prize of „ 2012″. Their works like “Air Factory”, “EXIT POLLoska” or “Paplament” were shown at OFF-Biennale Budapest, Wiener Festwochen, Kampnagel Theatre Hamburg and LOFFT Leipzig She is co-founder of the performance collective Mobile Albania, dealing with translocal forms of organization beyond the space-time-logic of capitalism. Between 2007 and 2010 she performed for the Berlin collective andcompany&Co with shows e.g. in HAU Berlin or Tmuna Theatre Tel Aviv. Currently she is on tour with the all-female show “Queendom” (premiered in MU-Theater) and dealing with questions of freedom as part of the multimedia duo “Marie&Mari” (e.g. ROM Festival Budapest, Tårnby Torv Festival). Besides she works as a journalist, writer, translator and a free pedagogue in institutions and free contexts.