The Telepathy Machine #1 – working party

Online, live streamed from Vasas Székház, Budapest

“The world is closing in/ Did you ever think/That we could be so close, like brothers?”
30 years after Radio Free Europe influenced and transmitted the Fall of the Iron Curtain, TV Free Europe has started. Coming late to bring you a fresh and cool wind of change!

On this year’s International Workers’ Day TV Free Europe presents you its new performative technology: the Telepathy Machine.
With its help, remote living beings, thoughts and objects can be in a shared space.
How can we be together when we are apart?
If you’re ready to try it out with us, then we are ready for you! Those who often feel depressed and alone (everybody)

Like to watch and have a party? A party that works? Then we congratulate you, you’re one of us!
The tragicomical duo Mari & Marie and their crew will lead us through a TV evening full of absurdity, cool joy, mind travel, system failures and transmission breaks. Known and unknown figures of the System Change travel forward 30 years to inhabit our Now.
Tele-communication starts in a special timespace between 1989 and today. Is there a chance for artistic intelligence?
Let’s see what the Telepathy Machine does to us!

Meeting point in our TV studio @ the House of the Hungarian Metal Workers’ Union (Vasas Szakszervezeti Székház) Budapest >>> in order to get there, switch on:

By and with: Róbert Békefi (Mme Fresh), Zsuzsa Berecz (Lady Zsazsa), Csilla File (Mari Szürke), Sarah de Günther (Marie Grau; Romina), Csilla Hódi (Fungus Intelligence), Szilveszter Jenei (A.I./Artistic Intelligence), Bernadett Jobbágy (Failed dancer), Boglárka Lutz (Ghost), Zoltán Lehoczky (sound), Lilla Magyari (Dr. Purple), Viktor Markos (A.I./Artistic Intelligence), Gergely Pápai (operator), Dorottya Poór (Linda), Luca Szabados (A.I./Artistic Intelligence), Dániel Szapu (light)
Concept by: Pneuma Szöv., Pneuma Vizual and everybody involved
project manager: Árpád Bőczén
artistic director: Sarah de Günther
dramaturg: Zsuzsa Berecz
visual design: Luca Szabados
project assistant: Boglárka Lutz