A Marie Grau

star moderator and a legend for TV Free Europe

* fresh TV media artist from 1989. Together with Mari Szürke she travelled into TV Free Europe, the channel that connects 1989, today and the future of 1989. The tragicomical duo Marie & Mari wants to become great, professional and cool and free artists in a free world through their common late shows, gameshows. Now they are living in the TV Free Europe and hope to break out of the screen to make superbig liveshows. They also have a cool crew — all newcomers who struggle with the daily life of system failures.

Marie loves the homepage Hódi Csilla made for them: https://marimarie.show/

#born in GDR, now refugee in Hungary #met Mari Szürke at the Paneuropean Picknick #likes to drink a glass of red wine with Mari #wants to become a free artist in a free world with free body culture