12 September
2020 Oberwart / Budapest

On 11 Sept 1989 the western borders of Hungary officially opened. The Iron Curtain seemed to fall.
31 years later the “real a system change” was said to be happening in Iron Street (Vas utca), Budapest. Here Theatre and film students have been occupying their university campus for over a week in opposition to autoritarian and neoliberal policies excluding them from decision making about their own insitution. Was the assigned new director of the curatorium right, envisioning a conservative system change in theatre? Or something else is going on in Iron Street? #freeszfe
Our Studio Budapest went brutally local and broadcasted via chalk TV and street interviews (among them the mayor of Budapest).
In the meantime on the HU-AT border in Oberwart a talk show was held revisiting the Iron Media around the system changes of 1989, asking the question: what power regional TV can still have?

Photos: Hódi Csilla & Pneuma Szöv.

By and with:

Studio Oberwart: Daniel Böhm, Zoltán Galambos, Victoria Haas, Stefanie Höller, Bernadette Koderhold, Alfred Masal, Denise Stangl, Ronja Schwarz

Studio Budapest: Zsuzsa Berecz, Csilla File, Sarah Günther, Csilla Hódi, Boglárka Lutz, Eszter Sonnevend, Luca Szabados and the DIÁKKIADÓ (Sára Bodor, Zsolt Nagy, Dóra Székely, Emese Váradi, ….)

Studio Szombathely (in cooperation with the Deptment of Film and Animation of the Szombathely Arts High School): Mercedes Balázs, @Tibor W Horváth, Laura Lackner, Róbert Nagy, Júlia Salamon

Studio guests in Oberwart:
Tibor Török – Journalist, editor in chief of Szombathely TV
Walter Reiss – ex-editor ORF Burgenland

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