Alfred Masal

# Alfred is head of Studio Oberwart.

Alfred Masal, born 1959 in Dornbirn, is a trained light and stage master
Lighting design for more than 50 plays and exhibitions, among others for the pieces “Devil, Death and Witch”, “Lafnitz”, “Anniversary of Death”, “March, the 24th”, “Oberwart. Mon Amour”, “Hugo, Hugo”, “Once we are angels” by Peter Wagner; “Gatsch” by Stefan Horvath; “And Now” by Clemens Berger,”Village.Interrupted”, “Mass for One”,”Cosima Panorama” by Katharina Tiwald and for dance pieces by Liz King (“Straight Fiction”, “NY:X”)

Technical director of Burgspiele Güssing (1995 – 1997), a drama festival in a medieval courtyard in Southern Burgenland
– u.a. preparation of the tender documents for the purchase of a lighting system and grandstand for the Burg Foundation Güssing.

Since 1992 technical employee of the Open House Oberwart
– Cooperation and technical advice during the reconstruction of the house 1997/98

Since 2004 managing director of the Open House Oberwart
– Alignment of the house with focal points in the field of contemporary art, exhibitions, theater, dance and art projects that deal with social issues in a regional context (such as ethnic groups, culture of remembrance, urban development, democracy, etc.) in an aesthetic and substantive sense.
– numerous awards for the Open House Oberwart for projects in the field of contemporary art, etc. during the current business activity:
Theodor Kery Prize 2011 / National Austrian Art Prize for Cultural Initiatives 2013 / Bank Austria Art Prize 2014