Zsuzsa Berecz

Zsuzsa is a member of the Studio Budapest and coordinator of TV Free Europe. She likes creating links between beings and spheres that are usually separated. She feels comfortable in the grey zone between artistic creation and organisation.

Aka Lady Zsazsa she turns the letters in the Hangman show. As a kid she dreamed of doing this job but always found it weird that these chicks never speak. She was chosen to be a trainer in Studio Internationale and was lucky to teach the secret sign language to 40 million people worldwide.

Zsuzsa Berecz is dramaturge and cultural worker based in Budapest.
She has graduated from Hungarian and German studies at the Eötvös Loránd University Budapest and studied experimental dramaturgy and theatre science in Frankfurt am Main and at Université Paris VIII. She is co-founder of the artists’ collective Pneuma Szöv. and the free school of art and micro-enonomies μEGYETEM. She is a member of the Association of Cultural Heritage Managers (KÖME) where she is mainly interested in the linkage between arts and heritage interpretation.

Lady Zsazsa