Studio Oberwart

Project leader: Alfred Masal / OHO Offenes Haus Oberwart
Studio Oberwart is an initiative within TV Free Europe, by OHO with students of the HBLA school in Oberwart.
Students installed an own TV studio in the frame of TVFE and elaborated own formats for the project.
Their interviews and TV shows connect young people of the region with an older generation of intellectuals active around the Fall of the Iron Curtain.

The Open House Oberwart, known as “OHO”, is a center for contemporary art in Eastern Austria. It stands for high-quality events in the fields of visual arts, jazz, world music, chamber music, literature, performance, and modern dance. Furthermore, it is renowned for its theater productions and art projects, producing and showcasing works that directly address issues of the region as well as questions relating to the times we live in.

With its select program, featuring regional, national and international artists, OHO presents itself as a window to the world of contemporary art.

With program focuses such as exhibitions, film days, book weeks, chamber music and the “Young Art” format, we are expanding our current program and offering high-quality series of events. The theater’s own productions are always much-noticed artistic highlights in the Open House Oberwart.

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