Staying Live FESTIVAL – 20.04. – 15.05. 2021

We are locked up and we an’t take it anymore.
Machine is running, but the creator doesn’t rest. She goes on producing: on the Internet, in hybrid forms, always staying LIVE. We are looking for creative gaps. We can’t stop ourselves.
This week, TV Free Europe will try to connect with you in a different way.
Through the shop windows, on the streets, breaking out of the screens.
Our program is therapeutic – a cure for you, curated by us.

Where is it happening?

>> On our ONLINE tv channel
>> in the 8th district of Budapest, in shop windows of Német utca and Karácsony Sándor utca


>> EXHIBITION IN THE SHOP WINDOWS – Budapest, in Német utca 21 & 23, Karácsony Sándor utca 19/c from April 20.
>>>>>>>> 21.04., 16h – opening of festival, live streamed from Budapest (Karácsony Sándor utca 19.)

>> THE TELEPATHY MACHINE – a working party on 1 May from 19.00
>>>>>>>> livestream from the Hungarian Iron Workers‘ House in Budapest

>> SPECIAL EVENING TV-PROGRAM SELECTION – every evening between April 24. and 30.

>>>>>>> 24.04. Saturday – DESTINATION: FREEDOM

—-> Looking for Freedom
>> 19.56 – Revolutionary Minutes
– TV Free Europe meets #freeszfe; interview with Andárs Vágvölgyi art teacher about the 1987 student actions at Szombathely; student movements from history
>> 20.30 Evening Movie: Blokád (HU subs)
– documentary about the student blockade in Zagreb in 2009
>> 22.03 Evening Movie: Blokada (EN subs)
– documentary about the student blockade in Zagreb in 2009

>>>>>>> 25.04. Sunday – THE WALL

—> Building and deconstructing. The freshest news from ‘89
>> 19.56 Revolutionary Minutes – Medley around the Berlin Wall with archive footages
>> 20.30. Evening Movie: Every Door Is A Wall
– surrealist philosophical state TV program from 1989, 2017, 58 perc, Elitza Gueorguieva

>>>>>>> 26.04. Monday – TV AND ME

—> Grassroot TV experiments; TV between personal and public
>> 19.56 Revolutionary Minutes – an audiovisionary with archive material about the workers‘ situation in Hungary around 1989
>> 20.30 TV and me (HU)
– dokumentumfilm Andreáról a postásról, kinek élete a magyar tévécsatornák és tévésztárok körül forog.
>> 21.10 The Real Power of TV (HU, EN subs)
– revolution televised, private history contrasted by big narratives (1991, r.: Hámos Gusztáv, 59 perc, magyar és angol nyelven, angol felirattal)

>>>>>>> 27.04. Tuesday – FEAR FREE

—> Censorship, Paranoia and Oppression
>> 19.56 Revolutionary Minutes – an audiovisionary with archive material about the workers‘ situation in Hungary around 1989
>> 20.30 Evening Movie: Predictions of Fire (EN)

>>>>>>> 28.04. Wednesday – 1.5 million steps over the borders

—> Borders, Public Sphere, Border Crossings
>> 19.56 Revolutionary Minutes – Paneuropean Picnic edition
>> 20.30 Evening Movie: Eiserne Grenze / The Iron Border AT, En subs
– romance across the Iron Curtain, Peter Wagner, 1999, Austria, 53min

>>>>>>> 29.04. Thursday // AGENTS AND AMATEURS

—> Underground and Political Art
>> 19.56 Revolutionary Minutes – Agents. Breaking news about some Agents – or OF some Agents? // (AG Geige, TV Party, Laurie Anderson, Sidney Lumet – Network, Hape Kerkeling)
>> 20.30 Evening Movie: Szárnyas ügynök / Agent with wings (HU, DE subs)
– an agent arrives into town looking for happiness – youth floating in a vacuum, 1987, Sőth Sándor
>> 22.01 Evening Movie: AG Geige (DE, EN subs)
– documentary about the underground band from the GDR

>>>>>>> 30.04. Friday // THE VISION MACHINE

—> Pearls of TV history / in the Past, Present and Future
>> 17.00 Vision Machine – pearls of tv and tv history (material realted to the history and the potentials of television (postcards, thinking about TV, Paul Valéry, Philo Farnsworth, mechanics of television, Chris Burden commercials, John Cage Waterwalk, and many more)
>> 19.56 Revolutionary Minutes – Vision Machine edition
>> 20.30 Evening Movie: Paper Tiger TV
A DOCUMENTARY about and BROADCASTS from Paper Tiger TV, a non-profit, low-budget public access television program and open media collective functioning up to these days dedicated to raising media literacy and challenging corporate control over broadcast mediums.
>> 21.30 Evening Movie: TV Party
From 1978 to 1982 Glenn O’Brien hosted an insane punk rock New York City cable TV show called TV Party. The hour long show took television where it had never gone before: to the edge of civility and “sub-realism” as Glenn would put it.