Studio Nova Gorica

Studio Nova (Gorica) is a team of professors and students at the School of Arts / University Nova Gorica.
Coordinator: Prof. dr. Peter Purg
Curator, studio leader: Prof. Jasna Hribernik

In the frame of TV Free Europe seminary took place during 3 semesters between 2020 and 21 lead by Prof. Jasna Hribernik (documentary film director) and Sarah Günther (theatre maker, co-founder of Pneuma Szöv.).
The seminary was dealing with the notion & history of TV. During the semester students experimented with own TV (anti)formats.

The School of Arts of the University of Nova Gorica is a young and dynamic school that offers current, contemporary study programs. When promoting the development of students, we take a personal approach, support e-learning, are medium-friendly and practice interdisciplinary cooperation and promote socially committed action. We value every student as an independent and creative personality. With innovative approaches to teaching, research and production processes, we promote the independent creative and academic work of students, which is led by a group of competent mentors. Project work on real complex projects in non-school environments provides students with valuable experience. Here it is primarily projects that frequently promote social and international solidarity and social commitment and have the main goal of transforming artistic methods in such a way that they contribute to social progress.

Coordinator of TV Free Europe: prof. dr. Peter Purg

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