Studio Szombathely

Curator: Júlia Salamon
Studio Szombathely is an initiative by local curator Júlia Salamon.
In 2020 Juli lead a course for students of the ELTE Savaria University Centre – Department of Visual Arts. They dealt with the TV’s role in the System Changes.
The students made their own take on the topic: a TV News and a Youth Afternoon show.

In 2020-21 Julia Salamon also worked with pupils and teachers of the Szombathely Arts High School. A series of small video spots were made. By June 2021 they created a performative bycicle tour in Szombathely encompassing „free spaces“ – spots connected to remarkable civic avtivities or political turning points between the late 1980s and 2000.

Partners to the Studio’s work: BOHÉM Klub, ELTE Savaria University Centre – Department of Visual Arts, Szombathely Arts High School
Teachers of the Art High School: Tibor W. Horváth, Róbert Nagy