Watching Party at GÓLYA

28 June

“Watching Party”of TV Free Europe with live performance and live cooking on the open air terrace of the community house GÓLYA in Budapest. The eventfeatured video material made by us and our international partners.

See the photo documentation of the event here.


> live performance, tv watching, potato execution + cooking and TV party.
>> On air at the roof terrace of the community house Gólya and at<<

— 19:00:
warming up: kezdés with a mix of our brandnew produced TV Free Europe produced shows and videos from 2020 till 1980.
> Hangman. Vorbidden Á / game show w/Mari&Marie
followed by others… (in English mainly) by Studio Budapest
> Kerítés Bont, trailer for action and other spots by Studio Szombathely, Anti-Commercials by Studio Nova (Gorica), Offline TV by Tarnby Park Studio, Internationale by Studio Internationale
— 19:56 – 19:89:
Revolutionary minutes
— 19:90 (20:30):
main program with a dish – EVENING MOVIE: The real power of TV by Gusztáv Hámos
meanwhile: potato execution
— 21:30:
tv party with some pearls of system changing subculture with selection by Studio Leipzig ft. Zonic / Alexander Pehlemann

Moderators of the evening: Mari&Marie
Star guest right from the TV: Dr. Purple


1989 The Real Power of TV (by Gusztáv Hámos, 1991, 58:25 min)
in Hungarian & English with Eglish subs

In Romania the fighting was not yet over when Hámos, a Hungarian filmmaker living in Berlin, left for Hungary in December 1989, for the first time since he had left his country of birth without permission ten years earlier. He wanted to make a film about censorship at Hungarian Television — about news analysis, newscasters and reading news — that was contrary to the officially sanctioned broadcasts. Day after day, Hámos watched broadcasts from Romania with his grandmother at the dinner table. In this remarkable video essay on what Hámos terms the „real power“ of television, his grandmother’s personal point of view is contrasted with the revolution on TV. Archival news footage — from the 1956 Hungarian uprising and the ’68 Prague Spring to the events in the Eastern European countries and China in ’89 — is interlaced with the comments of television journalists, news presenters and newscasters.

FREE ENTRY with cooking and common dinner!