Tilos az abadság / F*ree artists

New Year’s Eve Tele-Theatre Revue

23 & 24 June, 2021 | Budapest & all over the world

TV Free Europe decided to close the year. It was long enough.
We have resigned many things and not enough leaders resigned. We need a fresh start now. Instead of a return, a new beginning.
TV Free Europe celebrates with a Szilveszer (New Year’s Eve) TELE-THEATRE REVUE.
For the first time in months, we welcome a live audience again!
In the glorious halls of the Hungarian Metal Workers‘ Union in Budapest we celebrate the ghost hours of free art. We travel back ca. 30 years in time, looking for freedom…. when David Hasselhoff was dancing on the Berlin Wall, when people in Romania occupied state television or when the cultic free club TILOS AZ Á was opened with fireworks in Budapest. Let’s see what our A.I. (artistic intelligence) can make out of those moments now!
// at Vasas Székház – Budapest, Magdolna utca 7. //
Via telepathy machine a connection is established to those who can’t come, too. Couch potatoes, desperate loners, remote fans, people without Hungarian Covid vaccination pass, YOU ARE ALL WELCOME TO JOIN THE NETWORK!

The evening is hosted, as always, by the ravishing tragicomical duo Mari Szürke and Marie Grau.
feat. Madame Fresh (Spéter), Dr. Purple, Lady Zsazsa (free worker of TVFE), Szintia (failed artist), Linda (curator of the Teletexhibition // Képújság a Kirakatban), David and other surprise guests and ghosts
The language of the evening is mainly English.

Watch the full show on Howlround – Theatre Commons >>>

By and with: Békefi Róbert, Berecz Zsuzsa, Dániel Attila, File Csilla, Gáspár András, Sarah Günther, Hódi Csilla, Jenei Szilveszter, Jobbágy Bernadett, David Karla, Lutz Boglárka, Magyari Lilla, Markos Viktor, Pápai Gergely, Poór Dorottya, Szabados Luca

Concept: Pneuma Szöv., Pneuma Vizuál and everybody involved
Artistic Director: Sarah de Günther
Dramaturg: Zsuzsa Berecz
Visual Design: Luca Szabados
Project Assistant: Boglárka Lutz
Project Manager: Árpád Bőczén

Photos: Zsuzsanna Simon