Paper Tiger TV

Deedee Halleck, 2007, US, 59 min


A DOCUMENTARY about and BROADCASTS from Paper Tiger TV, a non-profit, low-budget public access television program and open media collective functioning up to these days dedicated to raising media literacy and challenging corporate control over broadcast mediums. Based in New York City Paper Tiger was founded in 1981 on democratic ideals of freedom of speech and is still running today.


The station’s public access television programs from the early 1980s are considered to be pioneering works of innovative video art and alternative media, most well known for developing a unique, handmade, irreverent aesthetic which boldly experimented with the medium of broadcast television by drawing on art, academics, politics, and performance. PTTV has been recognized for its commitment to critical analysis of information sources, and for frequently being on the cutting edge of video technology.

(USA, Eng subs)