TV Free Europe is not television, it is not the internet, it is not a podcast, it is not Instagram, it is
not Netflix, it is not a selfie. It is no longer just an art project, but a new form, a new tool, a new
platform of a self-governing transnational medium of equal partners, inventively using various
technical possibilities to give voice to artists, activists and the general public, developing its own
aesthetics and language. TV Free Europe listens and not just talks. It is a critical, satirical and
stubbornly optimistic medium. It is the future of 1989, the end of History revisited. It is a dense
network of new activism, essentially still an artistic resistance to the dangers of fast-forward
historical processes. Virillo is calling.

Watch her video-reflection here: https://www.facebook.com/tvfreeeurope/videos/143528594354568