Ice Cream Balett

Feature | color | 1984 | 74′

Bizottság. It is inspired by art, it is surrealistic and is built up organically. In an interior setting from the early part of the century, a naked woman is tumbling about and talking on the telephone. The doctor arrives, and the two give way to their sudden desire for each other. In Ring Street, feLugossy and Kokó are lying on a double bed, surrounded by normal everyday traffic, then Kokó leaves with ice-skates attached to her feet, with half of her memories about feLugossy in her soul. Next comes a medieval battle scene, with corpses lying about everywhere. In Ági’s apartment, a hot ice-cream orgy is in full swing, accompanied by a slide show, featuring views of a housing estate and erotic images. Then again we see a dinner-party with champagne, in the genre of the last century, where the guests are wearing skates on their feet. Wahorn reads out passages from a book, and declares that the winter of idleness has been replaced by the spring of action. Then he shoots himself in the head. The guests are sipping, smacking their lips and puffing and blowing. The boys leave for the rehearsals of the ice-cream ballet. The group is giving a concert. While the music is on, decisive experiences of life and the world, i.e. primarily sensuality, form into clips.(Hungarian National Film Archive)

A production by the Béla Balázs Studio