Jasna Hribernik

Jasna is one of the leaders of Studio Nova (Gorica). She mentors the course about „TV Free Europe” at the University of Nova Gorica and is a conceptional member of the Online Channel. She feeds TV Free Europe with content about TV history+theory with a special focus on video art. On TVFE you can also see her documentary movies about/after the system change in Kiev.

Jasna Hribernik completed her studies in film and TV directing at the Academy of Film Radio, Theater and TV in Ljubljana. Since 1985, she has been working as a freelance film director and video artist, making video films, video installations and other multimedia works. She is a successful creator of author’s documentary films and film essays for which she has been awarded several times. She often shoots and edits the films and videos by herself. Since 2012, she has been collaborating with the Academy of Arts of the University of Nova Gorica as an associate professor in the Master’s study programme with the course Space and Time in Motion Images and in Bachelor ’s study programme with the fourse PromoFIlm (promoting Art, Science and Humanitarian themes).