Bernadett Jobbágy

Szintia is the failed artist herself, who takes the risk and fails… or not. She shines those times, but you never know in advance which will happen. In fact, she asks questions through the strange and rich forms of her falls, while deeply believing that next time she can fail better. Her desire to express herself in various liberating ways is stronger than her fear that she is not good enough. Yet in this (perfect herself) she is never sure, just that is not always spoken in the TV shows. Ultimately, though – Fake it, until you make it! – she believes in next chances. Her character, a performer embodying the difficulties and vulnerabilities of being an artist, revolves around certain aspects of failure and success, from meeting or not meeting society’s expectations, through the pressure of earning well, to facing the fear that comes with appearing publicly. She got her name from her latest love, her synthesizer, her godmother is Sarah de Günther.

Bernadett Jobbágy has been a member of the Studio Budapest team since 2021. Choreographer, performer and video maker. During the live streams, she is a background dancer, broadcast break choreographer, part-time AI, and the voice of AI, and of course shines or fails as Szintia. Live.