Árpád Bőczén

# DJ and manager of TV Free Europe, keeping the Cultural Heritage (KÖME) safe.

Architect, cultural heritage manager, community-radio dj, president of KÖME. He is project manager, researcher and professional consultant in different projects related to the education, communication, surveying, development and maintenance of all kind of cultural heritage and heritage communities. In collaboration with Central European University (CEU) he established an education centre on heritage studies in Pomáz. His main interests are the relations between architecture, landscape and cultural changes. He takes heritage interpretation seriously in his work. He has been working on strategic documents and planning, urban tours, personal experience-based smartphone guided tour, exhibition and alternative tourist guidance in the past years.
01/01/2013–Present Project manager
KÖME – Association of Cultural Heritage Managers, Budapest (Hungary)
Selected projects:
– Interpret Europe Conference 2018, Kőszeg – Heritage and Identity
– Develop and disseminate evaluation strategies in informal educational institutions to professionalise
ESD programs in Hungary (2017-ongoing)
– Development of a new training and education center on a medieval heritage site including a
Cistercian glass factory, Pomaz (2015-ongoing)
– What have we got to do with the Budapest World Heritage? (2015)
– Heritage interpretation. Development of a new education module in Hungary (2014-2015)
– Délegypercesek – socio-cultural development project including artistic acupuncture treatment
realized in Délegyháza (HU), (2013-2015)
01/06/2011–Present Freelance architect, cultural heritage and sustainable development expert
Sole proprietorship, Budapest (Hungary)
Selected projects:
– The renovation and alteration of the Holy Right Chapel in the Saint Stephen’s Basilica of Budapest
(2016-): art-historical surveying, consultancy
– Talking Monuments, Eger (2013-2014): researcher and designer of a GPS based smartphone audio
guide, based on local oral history and stories of Eger town
01/12/2012–01/03/2013 Interpretive designer
Kon-Tiki – Büro für Erlebnisplanung, Lüneburg (Germany)
Concept development, exhibition planning and design