Alexander Pehlemann

Alex focuses in TV Free Europe on the connections between the subcultures in GDR and People’s Republic Hungary. He is head of Studio Leipzig and will bring together music,(former) members and remixes from A.G. Geige (GDR) and A.E. Bizottság (HU).

Alexander Pehlemann was born in 1969 in Berlin (East), capitol of the GDR. Following the end of the GDR he studied art history in Greifswald and was active as a cultural networker. Since 1993 he is editor and publisher of Zonic magazine, a platform for his special interest in Eastern European subcultures. He is founder and DJ-selector of Al-Haca Sound System, writes for regional and national music magazines, produced radio features, was co-organizer of the PolenmARkT festival in Greifswald and member of the artists collective Underwater Agents. He also produces the Zonic Radio Show since 2002. Since 2009 he lives in Leipzig and belongs to the local Bassmaessage dj-crew as well as to the team of Kulturny dom Lipsk/Salon Similde, where he´s trying to promote Neue Sorbische Kunst.

Products (selection):
Spannung. Leistung. Widerstand – Magnetbanduntergrund DDR 1979–1990 (2006, book + 2 CDs, Verbrecher Verlag/ZickZack, together with Ronald Galenza)
Go Ost! Klang – Zeit – Raum. Reisen in die Subkulturzonen Osteuropas (2014, book + CD, Ventil Verlag/ZickZack)
1984! Block an Block. Subkulturen im Orwell-Jahr (2015, Ventil Verlag, together with Bert Papenfuß and Robert Mießner)
NSK. Past – Present – Future. 1984 – 2014 – 2045 (2016, NSK Lipsk/Verlag für Freunde Leipzig, together with Alexander Nym, Carsten Busse and Bernhard Schipper)
Warschauer Punk Pakt. Punk im Ostblock 1977-1989 (2018, Ventil Verlag)
CD Polska Rootz. Beats, Dubs, Mixes & Future Folk From Poland (2009, Eastblok Music)
EP Warsaw Punk Pact Vol.1. Berlin – Warszawa Tribute EP (2017, Major Label)
DLP Notes from the Underground. Experimental Sounds behind the Iron Curtain (2018, Edition Iron Curtain Radio)