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-> Looking for freedom

This folder is dedicated to acts of resistance spanning from the time of state-socialism to today.
A deliberately subjective selection of acts for freedom of speech, freedom of movement and for a different freedom than what is offered to us.
Some examples of what you will find here:
– #freeszfe and the topic of autonomy of universities > Blokada (movie about Croatian uni occupation in 2009) > Resistance in Hungarian universities from the 80s till today
– Protests in Ethiopia after the killing of Hachalu Hundessa, an ethnic Oromo musician known for his protest songs in June 2020
– TV strike in Belarus in 2020
– Examples of artistic resistance within the amateur movement of the Kádár Era
– Third way – was there a chance for “third-way solutions” in the process of the System Changes from socialism to capitalism? > workers’ councils in Hungary
– forgotten history of the commons in the East > Gal Kirn: Forgotten history of the commons in socialist Yugoslavia: A case of self-managed cultural infrastructure in the period of 1960s and 1970s
– political alternatives of the System Change in Hungary – György Krassó & Magyar Október Párt, plans for an alternative re-burial of Imre Nagy + other actions
– what happened to our notion of freedom? Adam Curtis
– Fukuyama’s “End of History”, forecasting a lack of visions for the years to come after 1989