Agent with wings

drama |    1987  |   78′

An agent arrives in Budapest. His mission is to report what people feel here. He meets Péter and Mari, later Ilona as well, who is the lover of Péter and just returned from Wunderland. Ilona longs for death, Péter for Wunderland, Mari for a constant sexual intercourse with the agent. Ilona takes poison and she dies. Péter travels to Wunderland and takes the former room of Ilona. A Mari of that place robs him. He is homeless, deceived and therefore he returns. He asks the agent for the cyanide capsule to take. The agent hails a taxi and runs away for he wants to fulfil his task perfectly.(Hungarian National Film Archive)
This film is about two girls and a boy who want to live somewhere else and in another way. Maybe this somewhere else in Wunderland, where everybody is said to have three different lives… (BBS Catalog 1961-91)

Director: Sándor Sőth Assistant director: Elemér Káldor Cinematographer: András Mész, Sándor Csukás Screenwriter: Sándor Sőth, Géza Bereményi Cutter: Gabriella Koncz Production manager: Gábor Sarudi Sound engineer: Ottó Oláh Contributor: együttes Neurotic Original music: Ferenc Darvas Performer: László Kistamás, Tamás Pajor, Beatrice Manowski, Valéria Zsoldos, Gyula Pauer, Anders Birgit, Tamás Kovács, Géza Szabó, Miklós Kőniger Maker: BBS, Deutsche Film und Fernseh Akademie (Berlin)

A Béla Balázs Stúdio movie