TV Free Europe on Radio Student

We were invited to talk about our TV and life experiment at Slovenia’s cool Radio Student. It’s a nice interview, listen into or through it! Guests: Zsuzsa Berecz, Sarah Günther, Jasna Hribernik  

TV Free Europe at Ars Electronica

TV Free Europe was presented at Ars Electronica, one of the largest intermedia, new media, digital-cultural, contemporary media and research festivals in the world.

𝗔 𝗡𝗲𝘄 𝗗𝗶𝗴𝗶𝘁𝗮𝗹 𝗗𝗲𝗮𝗹
8.–12. SEPTEMBER 2021


Tilos az abadság / F*ree artists

New Year’s Eve Tele-Theatre Revue 23 & 24 June, 2021 | Budapest & all over the world TV Free Europe decided to close the year. It was long enough. We have resigned many things and not enough leaders resigned. We need a fresh start now. Instead of a return, a new beginning. TV Free Europe celebrates with a Szilveszer…

The Telepathy Machine #2 – PANdemic PICNIC

Language: paneuropean (English, spiced with German and Hungarian) Online, live streamed from Vasas Székház, Budapest and OHO – Offenes Haus Oberwart >>>>>. “The world is closing in / Did you ever think / That we could be so close, like brothers?” 30 years after Radio Free Europe influenced and transmitted the fall of the Iron Curtain, finally TV…

Staying Live FESTIVAL – 20.04. – 15.05. 2021

We are locked up and we an’t take it anymore. Machine is running, but the creator doesn’t rest. She goes on producing: on the Internet, in hybrid forms, always staying LIVE. We are looking for creative gaps. We can’t stop ourselves. This week, TV Free Europe will try to connect with you in a different way. Through the shop…

The Telepathy Machine #1 – working party

Online, live streamed from Vasas Székház, Budapest “The world is closing in/ Did you ever think/That we could be so close, like brothers?” 30 years after Radio Free Europe influenced and transmitted the Fall of the Iron Curtain, TV Free Europe has started. Coming late to bring you a fresh and cool wind of change! —– On this year’s…

Bring a friend #1 – Antonia Burrows and Judit Acsády

A series of interviews with people who were involved in informal networks by the time of the East European System Changes, 30 years ago. How did these networks work? Who were in them and how did they keep contact. A friendly talk with associative games and wheel of fortune – hosted by our star moderators Mari&Marie. BRING A FRIEND…


12 September 2020 Oberwart / Budapest
On 11 Sept 1989 the western borders of Hungary officially opened. The Iron Curtain seemed to fall. 31 years later the “real a system change” was said to be happening in Iron Street (Vas utca), Budapest. Here Theatre and film students have been occupying their university campus for over a week…


Free Europe TV goes live in Budapest shop windows between 14-30 June, 2021. Free Europe TV establishes a channel between the ’80s’/’90s and today’s media world. We make it not only because of the wave of nostalgia for the mullet haircut and analog technologies but because we are still looking for Freedom. >>>> click on the locations on the…

Camp in Kunbábony

  16-23 August, 2020 / Kunbábony (HU) One week camp to start the 2nd half of the project > performative exercises, brainstorms, common readings, video shooting, rehearsals, rituals pics by Csilla Hódi and Zsuzsanna Simon