Ice Cream Ballet

András Wahorn, A.E.Bizottság, 1984, 73 mins

>> Hungarian subculture, musical
>> panel flat floating in ice cream

Through some surreal line of association, we get to an apartment with an orgy: in the dark room, slides of naked women and panel towers in a housing estate are projected one after the other. Someone remembers that they should eat some ice cream: Laca starts skating an ice cream dance on the ice cream and lollipop scattered on the carpet. Down the street, in a VW van, two Albert Einstein- figures sucking on Leo ice cream take over the report of the orgy and head to the Chinese border with it. But they don't expect the determination of the Bizottság fans…
Meanwhile, the band shoots a videoclip and start a concert, so at the end of film we can enjoy the legendary songs of the band with performance- and videotricks-turbocharged clips: “darling, I was in Playboy”; “I am a typical workforce of today, I live in the slave colony in Békásmegyer” etc. A must-see.

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