Coming late! – TV in progress ONLINE from 1st of June

if you are bored of livestreamings, tired of online cultural products and all the framed information,

online from 1st of June
🌟OPENING LIVE at 17.00 on TV or on the telematic machine🌟

A TV in progress, with plenty of absurdity and inspiration, and lots of fishes for a meditation break.

An artistic research and a common platform of learning with and about TV. A TV that builds on the system changing media around 1989 and explores the since then forgotten relationship of TV and art.

We planned it to be a series of LIVE EVENTS, but now we decided to put it all back into the box of a classical TV. Later we will break out of it again!

If you wanna transmit something, connect to it!

A mass medium not for the masses. For up and coming stars, for the late comers, for those who want to transform personal into public, for the loners, for those who want more joy.

FROM OUR TV PROGRAMME (in progress) :
– a new game every day
– evening movie at 20.30
– revolutionary minutes from 19:56 to 19:89
– technical bugs and the most varied broadcast breaks.

An open group of artists, art students, and other contributors. Maybe you as well!
Participating regional studios:
Studio Budapest, Studio Szombathely, Studio OHO Oberwart, Studio Nova (Gorica), Studio Leipzig, Tårnby Park Studio